There are any number of reasons why investing in pre-construction real estate is something to seriously consider. I specializes in acquiring new condos for less than the usual cost in the market. My Priority is finding good deals on pre-construction at excellent prices in South Florida and you will be the owner of some of the most popular pieces of real estate in today’s market.

Pre-Construction is back, due to an increasing demand for homes created by the lack of construction over the last 5 years and the positive population growth. All of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have been experiencing tremendous real estate development in every price range in the market. New construction projects, commonly referred to as pre-construction condos are rising in every community from Hollywood Beach to South Beach, Downtown Miami to North Bay Village, and Brickell Avenue to Dadeland. People buy in Florida for several reasons, some of the most popular are: investment, retirement homes, vacation / second homes, corporate housing.

There are many different types of buildings; ranging from two to three story buildings to 70-story waterfront high-rises, ocean front luxury condo-hotels to affordable suburban mid-rise projects. I am committed to help you sort through the hundreds of potential South Florida pre-construction real estate opportunities to find just the right situation to fit your specific goals and budgets. For that reason, we will answer all of your questions, and explain the advantages of buying pre-construction, so you can take advantage of the growing South Florida Real Estate Market.

One of the main reason why pre-construction real estate is something to consider as a smart way of investing is the lower initial price, and the possibility of almost paying the entire property over a period of time. Pre-construction real estate usually has a lower initial value than what the condominiums or property will be worth after it has finished. This allows you to place yourself in a very good position for the investment point of view.

The best time to invest in pre-construction is usually at the beginning (reservation phase). That is usually when the best deals are offered and you usually end up with a greater opportunity at a much lower price.

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